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Friday, June 29, 2012

Creative Friday: Tutorial Ribbon Necklace.

 Hello Bloggers Its friday and the weekend starts today, so my stress is half over with my clients. Today is Creative Friday, can you believe I was going to cancel the post for the next friday lol. Being super busy at work I got a few time on my hand and I'll make it work. This necklace is very tutorial and can be woren any how at any event. I started making one myself , but haven't finished due to my busy schedule. As soon as it is I would be posting picture.Do try making one to see the out come it and it looks even better when your making it. There great piece for the summer and bright ribbon is even better to make it pop.

 The Out come of the necklace is on  the top picture and that's your Creative Friday bloggers have a great weekend and do share your plans. Dont forget to past at my facebook page at PixieJ Designs and twitter at @JulesDesigns.

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