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Friday, July 13, 2012

Creative Friday; Studded Bow Shoes.

Hello my bloggers its been a very intense week for me, with work and my Fashion Designs. But am here once again on a creative friday and I created studded bow tie shoes. I had these pair of shoes for a while now from Bamboo and I wanted to add a little bit of change to it. As a child growing up always known for cutting lol, and I guess thats where my Fashion skills came in.
So step by step am going to show you how to add a frunky studded bow to a pair of shoes.

  • Step1- Any shoes can be use in this process. All the tools needed to make this simple, Scissors, glue gun, studded belt, shoes, black ribbon 1" wide.

  • Step2- The belt head with the added studds most be cut off on both sides evenly.
  •  Step3- Add the studds to the head of the shoes ,make sure being equal when added.
  •  Step4- Press studds closer to the head of the shoes to put the bow in place.
  •  Step5- Take black ribbon and rap around the middle of shoe until the middle of the studds are covered. I most say if using a whole cover up shows. You most rap the studded bow first, then attach it to the head of the shoes by sewing or gluing.
  •  Step6- Rap ribbon to shoe round about three times tightly to make sure its secure.Cut ribbon and add hot glue to the back and front of shoes carefully.

 Its easy like 1,2,3 and the finishing of the studded bow shoes. I love wearing these shoes ,the bow makes it stand out so much more than before. An I will be wearing them to a wedding next week i'll keep you posted.
 Do have yourselves a wonderful weekend and do enjoy cause its summer time and it is a killer outside right now. Beach time or pool time. But unfortunately for me its work time,lol.
Have a great day.

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