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Friday, November 2, 2012

Creative Friday;Bleach Jean

 So had my exam yesterday for my work feild, didn't have enough time to make any posting  for "Caribbean Street Style", but good news is I pass with 96%. Still studing cause I still have two more exams to finish.
The Idea of bleaching tops or dying is been around for years now and it comes in pretty handy cause its a trend that comes around alot for summer. Its simple as getting a bucket with bleach and water, part of the area on the top where you wish to bleach with a string to hold. Place in bucket for at least 10 minutes and remove or place in spray bottle and spray on
as you wish. An you should see the result on the last picture, very easy DIY at home do try and let me know the result. Do enjoy your weekend, while am partying up with friends at halloween parties and my costums are super cute and sexy devilish.

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