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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Work My Peplum

It’s been a while since I hit the blogging, but I am back!!
My summer fun has just begun, apart from my work, its all fun in the sun.
My Carnival weekend was interesting.
Speaking my mind, I miss carnival two years in a row because I migrated to Canada. But this year I decided I cannot miss it. I didn’t fully enjoy it, but I made the best.
The crowd wasn’t there anymore like the few years back.
The music wasn’t to the great extent, even the events.
It might be my last year for a while, so I can say I had fun and made best with my friends. I’ll try uploading some picture later in the week after editing.
 Today’s outfit I must say I love, I made this outfit for work, if your wondering it’s a two piece top and skirt , that can pair separately. It’s my second time wearing it, just getting use to it and even planning on making a few more because of the comments I am getting from it. I realize every time someone see me in any of my pieces an order goes in place and off course I love it, that means more clients!!